Sustainable Development

Algeria is one of 191 countries that signed the Kyoto Protocol, which aims to protect the environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Today every company must be conscious of the environmental regulations imposed by the state and the risks incurred in cases of non-compliance with these laws.

With this in mind that our firm offers its services. CEI HALFAOUI is entitled to accompany the profitoriented entreprises to incorporate a sustainable development approach and environmental management policy in their business operation.

The cabinet offers a range of services that meet different needs:

  • Environmental audits,
  • Energy Audits,
  • Studies and environmental impact notices depending on the specific sector
  • Develop plans HSE
  • Regulatory environmental impact studies,
  • Management studies, and collection of waste of any kind
  • Studies remediation of industrial sites, soils, asbestos,
  • Quality control study of natural areas, marine, wet, hot spot
  • Eco-Design and rationalization of energy flow and material Eco
  • Acoustic studies (noise), the impact of neighborhood dusts, odors, etc..