Risk control

Any company talks about the need to control the risks associated with its business.

These risks may be technical, legal, economic, or environmental, and can interfere both on investment projects, the infrastructure of the company, its employees, but they can also undermine the privacy and sensitive data of its activity (production, financial, strategic)

Our cabinet will handle your project risk prevention from the audit, the analysis to the development of the study of risk control and monitoring during its implementation

With its experience and know-how in terms expertise/insurance/legal industry expertise, CEI HALFAOUI will also be your partner of choice in the evaluation of impacts and damaging disaster.

CEI HALFAOUI is a consultancy and expertise cabinet recognized for support organizations in the establishment of a system of a risk control that will inevitably have a positive impact on performance and the overall performance of your business.

Our services address the concerns of “regulatory compliance,” including obtaining operationel autorisation of your industrial business (conducting an environmental impact study and danger), the organization of your human and material means for intervention (implementation of the Intervention Plan Internal-PII and Plan Surety Internal against malice), etc..

We respond to issues of relocation of oil and hazardous materials pipelines, conflict risk control (compliance with regulatory distances, locations barriers prevention and protection, technological expertise, choice of equipment and materials, zoning ATEX, Lightning, Explosion , Fire, Hazard Specific Study for tunnels, bunkers, confined area, units of seawater desalination Clinics and hospitals, etc..