CEI HALFAOUI is an independent cabinet of expertise and consulting whose core businesses are corporate services, control of risks, sustainable development and quality management.

The firm was established in 1991 with as a main activity providing counseling and assistance to companies through technical and economic studies.

In 1996, CEI HALFAOUI extended its areas of competence and included industrial expertise, insurance-expertise and forensic counseling to its business areas.

In 2006, the firm enriched its business parks by developing transversal skills on different sectors including environment, energy efficiency and quality control by structuring the necessary underpinning services.

In 2013, the Cabinet of Industrial Expertise HALFAOUI became officially CEI HALFAOUI with three business areas and a new visual identity.

In this way, CEI HALFAOUI brings along its know-how to industrials and economic operators alike in order to realize, monitor or give advice during the different phases of projects’ completion relying on our  experts’ values that of quality, integrity and performance.

The sectors in which CEI HALFAOUI operates are varied and include energy, infrastructure, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food industry, construction, textile, tourism, insurance, and many others.

Through time the CEI HALFAOUI acquired a widely recognized know-how that makes our company an ally of excellence and a reliable partner, always close to its clients’ needs.