Oil & Gas services

We offer a wide range of industrial services for new build support, maintenance and decommissioning, across upstream and downstream industries such as oil & gas or petrochemical.

1                RISK MANAGEMENT

We can assist you throughout your risk management process or intervene on an ad hoc basis to bring your institution into compliance with regulations. For this, we have a wide range of services related to the technical, economic, organizational or environmental risks inherent in your activities.

  • Asset Integrity Management services,
  • ATEX studies,
  • Risk-based Inspection (RBI),
  • And many others…


CEI HALFAOUI has been working in the service of the environment for more than 28 years, an expert and actor of sustainable development in Algeria, it supports companies and public bodies in the analysis and development of Environmental Management in the industrial or tertiary sectors.

In addition to regulatory concerns, companies concerned about their Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) turn to our firm for our excellent services.

  • ICPE studies (Environmental Impact Study / Hazard Study, Internal Intervention,
  • Plan),
  • Environmental Management Plans,
  • Environmental characterization studies,
  • Decommissioning and remediation studies,
  • Environmental Audits,
  • OHS Audits (Occupational Health and safety).


3                MANPOWER SUPPLY

Our network allows a smooth; end-to-end service that mitigates the risk of manpower shortage relieves the client from that burden. We have the expertise of sourcing Bilingual candidates locally and globally,

Benefits of fulfilling Manpower requirement through CEI HALFAOUI:

  • Our secured employee deployment team can take care of everything for you, from Visa processing to arranging the paperwork
  • Client dedicated service that delivers the fastest results through streamlined process
  • Allows reallocation of resources (project phases wise) towards the core business
  • Comprehensive end-to-end solutions that takes care of everything from start to finish
  • Quality efficiency and quickness combined through ISO 9001 certified HR operations
  • Reliable backend support, with a dedicated customer assistance line


3.1                 Recruitment Process Management

  • Recruitment forecasting
  • Resource planning
  • Profile/skill identification
  • Networking/Advertising
  • Managing applications
  • Scheduling assessment and interviews
  • Background/reference check
  • OHS awareness level check
  • Offer management
  • Vendor management, if required
  • Communication and coordination
  • Reporting
  • On boarding, if required

3.2                 Supply options

We provide you with flexible options to choose from:

  • Full-time,
  • Part-time,
  • Project based.

3.3                 Training

CEI HALFAOUI’s experts share with you their experience through, specialized training in quality, risk management and environment to help you develop your skills or improve you through comprehensive and personalized programs.

  • Intra-company training,
  • Inter-company training,
  • Certifying training,
  • E-learning training.



We provide complete safe, cost effective decommissioning solutions for end of life facilities or re-localization. With our world-class environment experts and best technologies of soil and groundwater remediation that we selected, our customers benefit for a fast, reliable, final and sustainable solution