Business and Innovation

To meet the new double requirement market/customer, but also to the sustainability/continuity of your business, the adoption of a “Quality” approach and also the investment and innovation are the factors keys of differentiation and therefore success.

CEI HALFAOUI will accompany you in your development projects and upgrade through a range of services.

Being approved by the Ministry of Industry, SME and Investment Promotion (MIPMEPI), and with our certified auditors experts, CEI HALFAOUI accompany you in your approach to certification:

  • ISO 9001 V 2015 (quality management),
  • ISO 14001 V 2015 (Environmental Management),
  • ISO 45001 V 2018 (Management of Health and Safety),
  • ISO 22000 (Security Management of Foodstuffs).

Or improvement of your quality management such as:

  • ISO 31000 for Risk Management,
  • ISO 51000 for Energy Management.